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Thread: E-7 Image?

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    Re: E-7 Image?

    I don't see a joystick for remote piloting the shuttle craft.
    It's the image that's important, not the tools used to make it.

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    Re: E-7 Image?

    Quote Originally Posted by hschnee View Post
    Printer? Such primitive technology! The camera obviously includes a matter replicatior, as evidenced by the food and beverage buttons. It can simply replicate a print, or project a solid holographic image of one.

    Too bad the rear LCD is so small. Otherwise it would be a nice camera.

    - Hal -
    But Hal, the LCD is obviously just for those who for some reason need such a primitive technology for status information (it normally just uses the remote neural interface - buttons are just for those having problems multitasking - scatterbrains <g>). The holographic projection allows one to view the image in 1:1 ratio or whatever you prefer!

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