Hi wonder if anyone can help.
I have a GF1 that take great pics but has started giving a bad problem
I can be using it and its fine then the lcd will go dark like the lens cap has been put on. you can still see most of the info but no picture and the shutter will not fire. i then have to turn it off remove the lens turn it back on re fit the lens and its fine for another 20 shots. sometimes i have to do it a few time for it to come back on. the lens and camera are up to date. i dont have access to another body or lens so have no idea what one is at fault. it has got to the point that i dont use it as it lets me down so often.i want to buy the 20mm lens but dont want to lay out 280 to find it does the same.
i have spoke to the service center and they will charge me almost the cost of a new camera to look at it and i cant sell it with the problem.
any help would be great