I have sought some clarification from dpreview regarding posting of their samples here on FTU and I will also clarify our policy on posting of our sample images elsewhere.


I contacted Simon Joinson at dpreview and his reply was:

"Posting links is fine, as is embedding. We don't like people downloading and rehosting them."

So I think that's fairly clear. I don't mind material from other sites like dpreview being shown in forum posts here as long as the necessary permission has been sought.

[B]Our stuff on other sites[B}

The worst situation for us is where our server is serving images to other sites. dpreview don't seem to mind this but for us it could cripple our server. So please don't show our images on another site hosted by our server!

There is little I can do if you choose to post our samples on other sites but if you value us as the source of these samples then I would much prefer it if you simply provided a link to where others can find these samples for themseleves, rather than reproducing the samples elsewhere and so others who enjoy these samples end up bypassing us completely. I hope this makes sense.