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Re: Image samples from a pre-production Olympus OM-D E-M5

I am very pleased with the ISO results. When some say that the 25,600 isn't usable - - - that is really subjective. From the look of these samples as well as a full rez RAW file at that setting that I was able to download before the files were taken offline - I can see myself using them if need be. These results don't appear any worse and maybe even better than what I get sometimes when I am forced to use 3200 ISO on my E-3. I'm not a pixel peeper and only care about the print results or the resized for use (always much better looking than full size of a monitor) results that I can get.

I will only know for sure when I actually try one myself at those extreme ISO settings - - - but yeah - having what appears to be a pretty clean 6400 and even 12,800 is pretty sweet (as long as the detail isn't all smeared away).
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