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Re: Olympus E-5 hands-on preview

Many thanks for the poised and apparent objective comments.

Five questions:
1.Where is the microphone situated ( is it the two tiny holes on the left side or is that the loudspeaker?)? I am curious to know since I can not see it anywhere and it would be relevant to figure out whether you really need a plug in stereo microphone to perform any usable sound recording except "canned tin" type audio to the videos.
2. (adjacent) Did you have chance to test the audio quality - is it (stereo aside) on par with the Pen's (which I think is terrific)?
3. On another site I have read, that it should be possible to link audio recording with LS1 Olympus audio recording type devices. Have you heard anything about this?
4. When do you expect to be able to do some image testing and report to the forum?
5. With respect to sensor you mentioned your dissapointment about Olympus not using the "GH1" sensor. Would you have a chance to interview Olympus about this (and other) pertinent questions soon, perhaps at Photokina ( if you are going)?
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