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Re: Olympus E-5 hands-on preview

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Olympus has promised me some E-5s to add to the hire stock

That'd be nice!

BTW, I'm hoping to be spending more time back on the forums now my divorce is getting sorted out...

A few questions on the performance of the E-5 vs E-3:

- How does the AF performance seem with the SWD lenses (particularly the 14-35) - has the tendency to hunt been eliminated/improved?
- Is the burst rate now really 5 fps in C-AF mode (rather than about 3!)
- Any views on the relative performance of C-AF mode
- Is the low-light AF performance any better?
- How does live-view work on the E-5 - can you, for example, take an exposure without flipping the mirror down (Like the D300 and 40D/50D/7D have been able to do for ages!)
- Is the embedded JPG preview for the RAW files better - i.e. can you check critical focussing on it?
- I take it the battery grip is the same as the E-3/E-30...


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