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Re: Olympus E-5 hands-on preview

Originally Posted by Paul View Post
Problem is Ian this brings back a dejavu moment when Olympus ditched the OM DSLR system in favour of 35mm compacts and abandoned its user base.

I'll hope my fears are wrong and will wait and see how it goes with the E-System .

I will continue on with my E-30 and E-620 as they have not suddenly stopped taking images I'm pleased with and there is still a lot of milege left in them (they may even outlast me at my age), but I will not be buying any more lenses in a system I cannot have faith in.

As to investing in MFT I think not , as in this case once (twice) bitten twice shy.
This is different, Paul. Olympus know that they need to continue supporting E-System users and their lenses. So I for one will be looking forward to mirrorless bodies from Olympus that will complement both Micro and original Four Thirds lenses in the future.

I still think there is mileage in an updated E-620 too, but whether Olympus feels it's an economically justifiable option remains to be seen.

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