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Re: Olympus E-5 hands-on preview

It has all I'd want from a DSLR as long as the image quality lives up to it. It seems to be an improved version of the PENs as far as processor and sensor go, combine that with the larger high resolution screen and the ability to fine tune the focussing it pretty much cevers what for me was lacking in the E3. I like the fact it uses the same (well compatible) battery (BLM-5 instead of BLM-1) as the E3 as I'd keep the E3 as a 2nd camera.
Overall it's a bit underwhelming to be sure but with my investment in the SHG glass and my overall satisfaction with the quality of images with the E3 I can see me getting an E5 sooner rather than later, I want a second body anyway, who knows the image quality may be far better than we anticipate.

There maybe more subtle improvements too, i.e. with low light focussing, in fact overall focussing may have been improved, especially the C-AF so it may hold a few surprises, a wolf in sheep's clothing maybe.

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