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Re: Comparing the Digital Zuiko 50-200 old and new

Originally Posted by NaturalWoman View Post
cool. i decided to go with the non-swd version. found one for $679 usd. it was $712, but i got $34 off using an online code and free shipping. now i'm done for real. i will work with my three lenses.

thanks for your input.
i just want to say i got my lens yesterday, the non-swd version and it. is. awesome. i'm glad i didn't get the swd, extra money, this thing is fast enough. produces beautiful images. heavy as ever, but my biceps will look great this summer.

this really could be my walk around lens. normally i keep my 50 on my 620, but the 50-200 will cover my out and about shots.

now i just need a gun license. i'm nervous about getting robbed.

oh and seriously, what am i going to do with the carrying case it came in, uh, i have a camera bag. it's nice, but does anyone ever use it? it's in the closet.
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