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Re: Comparing the Digital Zuiko 50-200 old and new

Originally Posted by fluffy View Post
Darn right

I was at the Disney Animal Kingdom site earlier (I want to go), and I found a seriously misspelled word.

I wrote them a strong email about that -- I mean impressible kids read that site all the time and without proper spelling, none of this colour and honuor and Berkeley pronounced Barkly, this fine country will go down the tubes.

I'm waiting up tonite for their reply.

I have been prepared to join a forum a couple of times because of some stupid statement, that sort of thing, but every time I have to sit back and remind myself how many people really are wrong on the internet, and how useless it is to fight with them. So there is no reason to get in to it. I think Kenton was in the right here, but to join a forum just to disagree with someone is kind of crazy. Thus, I try to avoid it.

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