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Re: Four Thirds to get smaller and lighter system sibling

Originally Posted by Geldieii View Post
Pretty much the same for me, I was the 4 digits of my pin away from upgrading to an E3 last week. This week its on hold until I see what photokina brings in terms of future promise. If I feel there is a bright future in my eyes (i.e. my desires) I'll happily pick up the E3 and await tasty things to come, if not I'll probably pick up a E520 and keep my long lenses and then perhaps look at FF and a nice wide for landscape and a perhaps a portrait lens or so.
Hi everyone! This is my first post on this forum, so be kind

So with regards to the future I think may be in store for FT/mFT, I agree that FT has been diverging this way already, with the latest big releases being the pro E-3, and the smaller, lighter E-420. But what of the middle ground: the E-520?

I have an E-1, and was seriously considering swapping to an E-520 for image stabilisation - I'm like Obelix, but the cauldron was full of coffee - as I can't afford the E-3. But now, as the portability is a big issue, maybe I too wait to see what the mFT produces, as does Geldieii.

So I imagine the mFT taking over as the main consumer portion of Olympus' sales, and as such becoming their "bread and butter", with the full FT system being retained for professionals/enthusiasts - the ones who can't do without optical viewfinders and a solid-feeling camera in their hands. Does this sound reasonable?

One other thing - if Panasonic seems to be in the driving seat for mFT, does this mean the lenses are likely to switch from mainly Zuiko to predominantly Leica?

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