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Re: Four Thirds to get smaller and lighter system sibling

Originally Posted by John Perriment View Post
.......- unless some huge new innovation combining DSLR quality with compact ease of use, compactness and portability is forthcoming.

Enter Micro Four Thirds......
Hi John,
I'd say that you did a good job of prediction and it may be a good place to start guessing at what compact camera features are likely to show up in the new models. There are a lot of features that we take for granted today that started out as gimics for the consumer/hobbiest, like auto exposure, program exposure and even auto focus. Now we have face and smile detection and focus/subject tracking, for example, and a new platform on which to play with them. It might be time to look at the feature sets of the digicams to see how the current crop are set up, wit their bells and whistles.
I can imagine that a PJ would appreciate face detection and focus tracking, if it had the needed processing power driving it faster than the digicams do now.
So, do you have any other predictions on what Ian can't tell us until hegets the Sushi flavored gag out of his mouth?
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