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Re: Four Thirds to get smaller and lighter system sibling

Originally Posted by Bob Ross View Post
Hi Ian,
I like the way thay you started this thread with the list of "not yet frequently to be asked questions". What I think would be fun to know is about the meeting, the people that were there and the attitude of the design teams about where they would like to take this concept in its next few generations That peice that they did on the Passions of designing the E-3, was valuable to me, as it was an insight into what designing a camera involved and their faith in their design. I hope that when your NDAs are in the recycle bin, you'll give us a glimps of what went on when they let the micro cat out of the bag.
The NDA precludes me from talking about actual products previewed to us, as well as roadmaps. I can talk about the general concepts and technical details, as long as they are not product-specific.

By the way, I was a guest of Panasonic for this preview, not Olympus. Panasonic are definitely in the driving seat for Micro Four Thirds, at least start with, just as Olympus has been in the driving seat for Four Thirds DSLRs.

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