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Re: Comparing the Digital Zuiko 50-200 old and new

Yes indeed, the Spanish customs caper ! The story goes from the bizarre to the ridiculous. The customs thing was resolved. Spanish customs completely refused to believe me and as I refused to pay their exorbitant tax demands they sent the lens back to Japan. Because the dollar had fallen significantly they supplier was keen to take the lens back into stock and he refunded me all my money including postage !

I then re-purchased the lens from a UK supplier. This supplier came with a reasonable reputation. I sent my money. The supplier held onto the money for ten days before sending the lens via TNT. According to the supplier the lens has been delivered. I have not received it. According to TNT it was "left with a neighbour" signed for by "Pencil & Paper" ! I live in a remote rural area in the middle of a National Park and the nearest neighbour is 4Km away.

At the moment neither TNT nor the supplier will take responsibility for the debacle. I cannot even get TNT to tell me the address they delivered it to or the name of the person signing for it. My only option at the moment is to start a general canvass of all the households in the local village looking for an unsolicited package with my name on it. Not as bad as it sounds as the village only has a population of 3500 ! I might be done by Christmas, if TNT is telling the truth and someone hasn't had it away with my lens and sold it !

Sorry for the tale of woe but I am feeling a little sorry for myself right now !
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