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Missed the shot again...

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Starting the blog for reminding me the error I have made way too many times. There are many times when I haven't taken the minute to step closer or stop for a sec. For the first problem there are also couple of additional solutions a) get a camera that has more than 5Mpix for cropping b) get a longer lens because @ 150mm kit lens is a bit soft. But for those solutions there is one big and very old problem - cash

On Monday at my way home from office I saw windsurfers on the field. Decided to get some nice pics. Stopped the car and took some pics. It would have taken about 10 extra minutes to get to them, and get some great images from them and them with sunset, even attach much sharper 35mm ZD to the camera. Instead all I got was following - turned to B&W because of colors were faded anyways.

Once I stopped for a sec and got something I was almost happy but even then I later missed that I didn't took one more minute for the subject.

So in conclusion the result is - couple of minutes will most probably be worth the fraction of your life but you will miss those moments for sure.

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  1. Ian's Avatar
    Are you saying that if you take your time, make time, then you can get much better results like the second picture? If so, then I completely agree. I often think that photography is all about time.

  2. throt's Avatar
    Actually I was thinking more that if you take a sec and stop then you will get a result. And if you already decided to stop then step closer because most of the time went for stopping anyways.
  3. Bear's Avatar
    There was a pretty good article about something very similar on Luminous Landscape a little while ago -