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John Perriment

Don't be afraid of the dark

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Thankfully it's now the time of year in the UK where we can comfortably wear fleece jackets again, with pockets big enough to slip in an E-PL1 and Panny 20mm. I grabbed this shot of our local high street tonight while on my way to collect a chinese take-away, mainly to test the camera at high ISO.

ISO 1600, 1/8th sec @ f4, no in-camera noise reduction but Dfine 2.0 applied in pp. I think the camera did pretty well and so did the IS at 1/8th sec, considering I haven't exactly got the steadiest hands!

So no need to be afraid of the dark with this little camera and no excuse not to have it tucked in my fleece pocket, even when just popping out for some junk food!

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  1. dougdanter's Avatar
    Impressive performance indeed. I have not heard of Dfine (in Canada). How does it stack up against Noise ninja?

  2. John Perriment's Avatar
    Hi Doug, it's hard to say without comparing the same image processed by both programs side by side. I did briefly trial Ninja and it seemed to work well but what settled me on Dfine was ease of use, amount of selective control by setting control points within the image and that the free trial was the full program, not restricted or crippled in any way, which made evaluation far easier.