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John Perriment

Here's One For Ian

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Well, once again I'm up ridiculously late so before I finally do go to bed I might as well post today's entry to my blog.

Ian recently revealed on the forum that he keeps chickens and that reminded me of this shot, which I took in May 2008 in Norfolk.

We had a holiday cottage for a week, next door to a smallholding from which poultry of various breeds regularly came a visiting to our garden. The owner seemed to take the concept of freerange to a whole new art form as there were no restrictions on the chickens, who were free to come and go as they pleased.

They were obviously content, because they never strayed far! One morning I stalked the chickens for a while and was rewarded with this shot, of which I'm rather pleased.

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  1. Ian's Avatar
    Morning John, the chooks are great fun and even more so because if it wasn't for us they would be long gone! And we get some eggs too Highly recommended! and I'm not the only photography journo who keeps chooks, naming no names though
  2. John Perriment's Avatar
    Hi Ian,

    Now I'm intrigued - give us a clue!