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Noise issue

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I have had a recurring issue in my photos and videos of a weird grain that happens even when there is plenty of light. None of my videos or photos are as crisp as they should be. I have tried resetting all the setting on the camera. I am using a 64 gb U3 80 mb/s and the first link was shot with a 64 GB U3 100 mb/s. It doesn't seem like low light noise even though it gets worse in low light

this is a video I shot for an example. This was at F6.3 400 ISO Cinelike D and started at 1/80 then changed to 1/60 midway through. It's not too super obvious on this one but you can see it in the tree branches knIYgf5vG6nrCadJsSgSs1PyTtw%3D&docid=2_133763d710b ea42d096e217746ef42027&rev=1&e=e336bb17e69a441fa81 a85d4db367b8a

This is another example that is much more obvious. I don't remember the exact settings but I would never go over 800 ISO %2BdVfFbFHn1O8q1MuAZj%2BvfOyWQ8%3D&docid=2_195df5e caad074a4496be010c1f03b68a&rev=1&e=e6e7bc4e6a3e49b 38b6da2ed9b8f50e1

Photo Example

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  1. Johnheatingman's Avatar
    Sorry, I never click on links in posts or blogs, especially those posted by new members. No offence intended.

  2. seagoll's Avatar
    I completely understand. Is there a better way to show these examples? I really need this resolved quickly.