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Olympus OMD-EM1-Mkii

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I have been reading some of the reviews on the new Olympus Super Model but none have thought to mention the performance of the new camera with the older Four Thirds lenses. I see that the Mkii like its predecessor supports both phase and contrast detection AF and since I see that Oly are still producing their Super Grade lenses I assume that the new camera will focus the FT lenses via an adaptor as before. However even DPR make no mention of this in their review. Has anybody out there heard any news about this? Thanks for any information.

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  1. hschnee's Avatar
    I've also been hoping for the same thing, and I have yet to see any test with the older Four Thirds lenses.
  2. Ian's Avatar
    I used several Four Thirds lenses on a Mark II and they worked very well indeed - is there any aspect of their functionality you are particularly interested?