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Welcome to blogging on Four Thirds User

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From today, any registered forum member on Four Thirds User can start their very own blog, right here.

Blogs and forums
So what is the difference between a blog and the forum? Think of a forum as a place to discuss things. It's a place where many talk to many.

A blog is different. A blog is about you talking to many; the focus is on you and your subject. Although you can respond by commenting on a blog, fundamentally a blog is about you and what you have to say; it's a soap box, if you like, or a mini website of your own. It's for you to publish your own articles.

Use the blog to publish your thoughts and ideas, and to share new techniques that help your photography. Information on a blog is less prone to being buried away, as it can be on the forum. Blogs won't replace the forum, they will supplement the discussions there.

If you are a member, there is no need to register again - your blog facility is ready and waiting for you to have a go. Simply go to:

..and click on Post to your Blog. It's much like posting a forum message, but from there the similarities are fewer.

You can tag your blogs to make them easier to find, you can save draft versions until you are ready to go public, and you can even set your blog to publish in the future at a pre-determined day and time. Pictures and videos can be embedded as well.

Why not have a go?

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  1. Butterfly's Avatar
    I just acquired a Wireless Hot Shoe Flash Trigger Set for three small flash units for taking very small insects (butterfly 1mm eggs and early caterpillars). Some of it will be stacking My kit: OM D E-M5 + old OM bellows and 20mm macro and other lenses.
    The trigger set works fine until I fit the trigger in the camera hot shoe (mode - Manual) then the camera does not recognize the hot shoe, and even the trigger test button fails to indicate. I'm not sure if the hot shoe is incompatible with older pre-4/3 equipment or whether its a setting I have got wrong. I'd appreciate any advice.