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  1. Daily FTU hints and tips: Selective live view AF tips for E-System camera users.

    No.7: Live view AF - going beyond the manual/user guide.

    Note: This tip is aimed at users of Olympus E-System camera models including the E-420 and E-520 and later models.

    The conventional way to move the AF point around the frame in live view mode while using Imager AF (contrast detect AF) is to select one of the 11 AF areas, as below:

  2. Daily FTU hints and tips: Live view autofocus permutations

    No.4: What you need to know about live view autofocus and which bodies work best with which lenses.

    Live view means being able to see what the lens on the camera sees, viewed either via an external screen, or an eye-level electronic viewfinder. Live view is not, as far as I know, officially part of the Four Thirds standard. Panasonic and Olympus have developed their own solutions, but thankfully they do embrace the issue of compatibility - up to a point.

    Olympus got the ...