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  1. Daily FTU hints and tips: Take care with Auto Gradation mode

    No.1: Auto Gradation mode on Olympus E-System models can be useful but use with care, especially if you are shooting RAW.

    Welcome to the first in a new daily series of concise hints and tips for Olympus and Panasonic Four Thirds (and Micro Four Thirds) camera users!

    Today, I'm looking at the Auto Gradation picture mode that Olympus E-System cameras of recent years have featured. You can see the gradation mode on the camera's LCD screen settings matrix, denoted by an ...
  2. Daily FTU hints and tips: Figuring out image file names

    UPDATE: I missed out the fact that the Olympus E-620 and E-P1 models have a new facility to edit the first two characters of the filename for personal customisation (just the second character when shooting in Adobe RGB space).

    No.2: Today we look at how Olympus and Panasonic Lumix formulate their image file names and folders on the memory card.


    Inside the standard DCIM (Digital Camera IMages) folder, you may find one or more sub-folders which ...
  3. Letter to Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP, Home Secretary

    Following my earlier letter to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, here's a letter I've now sent to the Home Secretary:-

    Dear Mr Johnson,

    I am writing to you in your capacity as Home Secretary to express my satisfaction at yesterday's ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that the current indiscriminate use by police of Stop and Search powers under Section 44 of the Counter Terrorism Act is illegal.

    However, I am extremely disappointed
  4. The Truth About ISO: Four Thirds beats APS-C

    The Four-Thirds format is much derided outside the ranks of its users. In applying for a photography gig recently, I was told that only “professional equipment” could be used, when I pressed for information, I was told that this meant Canon or Nikon. All others need not apply. I have a feeling there are a few users Leica, Hasselblad, Mamiya, among others that would take issue with this. But as a Four-Thirds user, I do too. I am going to do two posts on the alleged faults of Four-Thirds. The ...

    Updated 24th October 2010 at 01:56 AM by ReggieB (Typos and formatting)

  5. Dynamic Range and Color Depth: Let's step it up!

    As I stated in my first blog post, this one is where I will begin to criticize the Four-Thirds sensor. Most criticism comes from those who argue for better performance at high ISOs from our sensors because of a perceived (and inaccurate) inferiority at minimizing noise. I have, I think quite well if I do say so myself, argued that when you bring lenses in to the equation, Four-Thirds is the best crop-frame system available for its low-light performance. I stand by this assertion, but I am not ...
  6. So the Olympus OM-D E-M5 sensor isn't a Panasonic, but does it really matter?

    Olympus has found a new source of sensor for the OM-D E-M5

    As I revealed on the forum earlier in this week after a tip-off from a highly trusted contact in the camera industry based in Japan, I am completely convinced that the Olympus OM-D E-M5 sensor is not made by Panasonic, so marking an end to the exclusive use of Panasonic sensors in Olympus Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds cameras since Olympus' last Kodak ...
  7. Flashgun Metz 52 AF-1

    First of all I must say sorry because of no pictures in thread. It's due to busy times and there is a mess with all the images (I havent even managed to unload the pics from one CF card for couple of months).

    After my wife complained several months about the recycling time of FL-36R I made her a christmas present with Metz 52 AF-1.
    Out of the box it was a nice piece with leg and soft bag. When I powered it up it got a bit strange as I was used with buttons and wheel but it ...