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A category for sharing your tips on how to knock images into shape.

  1. The new E-M5, GH2, GX1 and G3 and diffraction limits

    Over at our sibling site I covered the issue of diffraction limiting digital cameras some time back. If you reduce the aperture setting in your lens beyond a certain point that relates to the pixel pitch of your camera's sensor and your images will get softer because of diffraction.

    With 12.3 megapixel Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds cameras the theoretical diffraction threshold is almost exactly f/8 although in practice I find that f/7.1 is the aperture to aim for. Users of Micro ...
  2. 3 easy steps

    Thought that I'd make my first Blog post using parts of a recent forum thread where I displayed some dramatic images taken recently at a local fair - and was asked how I came to the vibrant colours of one of the images in particular.

    This is my final Display Image - which will make a great framed print. The shot was taken with my handlheld Olympus E-3, with 12-60 SWD mounted. Exposure was f3.7 @ 1/80'th second : 250 ISO


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