Olympus Micro Four Thirds lens solution for smartphones

Press release issued by Olympus Japan

Open Platform Camera, OLYMPUS AIR A01

OLYMPUS AIR A01 Body + M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ
(White, Black)

Enjoy Interchangeable Lens Camera Quality with Apps

Olympus Imaging Corporation (President: Haruo Ogawa) is pleased to announce the OLYMPUS AIR A01, scheduled to go on sale from March 6, 2015 at the Olympus online shop only ( This camera combines interchangeable lens camera image quality with smartphone operations for a new, enjoyable photography experience using apps.

Pricing and Launch Date

Category Product Name Online Shop Price Launch Date
Interchangeable lens camera that conforms to the Micro Four Thirds standard OLYMPUS AIR A01 Body
(Black, White)
33,800 yen
(36,504 yen including tax)
March 6, 2015
OLYMPUS AIR A01 14-42mm EZ Lens Kit
Body (Black, White)
+ M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ*1
49,800 yen
(53,784 yen including tax)
March 6, 2015
*1 When the camera body is white, the lens color is silver, and when the camera body is black, the lens is also black.
Automatic Opening Lens Cap [ LC-37C ] is Bundled.

Main Features

  1. Eight unique apps that expand the enjoyment of shooting
  2. Interchangeable lens camera image quality of the Micro Four Thirds standard, and the wide-angle, telephoto, and macro shooting with interchangeable lenses
  3. Body weight of 147g*2. The combination with a smartphone provides a high degree of flexibility in shooting styles.
  4. Easy initial settings with the guide function. High-speed start-up is possible by just launching an app for shooting.
*2 Based on CIPA Standards - including battery and memory card.

The OLYMPUS AIR is a camera with new concept that provides intuitive controls for shooting, image manipulation, and uploads to social networking services through a linked smartphone. The popularity of posting to social networking services and other uses has increased the frequency of capturing photos to previously incomparable levels, thereby increasing the number of users who feel that photos are an intimate part of their lives. On the other hand, rather than just having photos as a simple way to remember events, the demand for high-quality photos, in other words, interchangeable lens camera quality, is also increasing. The OLYMPUS AIR was developed to meet the needs of this type of user, and provide an enhanced shooting experience and degree of freedom in the new concept "AIR". To capture creative photos on traditional cameras, specialized shooting knowledge and complex camera settings were necessary. However, with the OLYMPUS AIR A01, those difficult settings are done away with by smartphone apps and smartphone controls that make it easy to capture exactly the kind of shot you have in mind.

Pioneering new photo and image experiences with the OPC*3 Hack & Make Project

As part of research activities to pioneer new photo and image experiences from 2014, the Olympus Corporation and Olympus Imaging Corporation established the OPC*3 Hack & Make Project. This initiative was used to apply the open platform concept that has spread rapidly in recent years to a camera prototype, prototype Software Development Kit (SDK), and 3D data, sharing part of these Olympus technologies with developers and creators to search out new photography and image experiences. When the Olympus Air A01 goes on sale, we will release the SDK and 3D data on a website so that OPC*3 Hack & Make Project activities can be carried out using this product. Then, together with developers and creators, projects that aim to achieve new photo and image experiences will proceed, and by encouraging the creating of various applications and accessories, the OLYMPUS AIR will be even more enjoyable for users.

*3 OPC stands for "Open Platform Camera", applying the widely known open platform concept to cameras.

Main Features Details

1. Eight unique apps that expand the enjoyment of shooting

There are 8 different smartphone apps that can be selected according to how you want to shoot. With these, the interchangeable lens camera quality photos can be captured using simple smartphone controls. By spurring the creation of a variety of new apps in the future through the OPC*3 Hack & Make Project as mentioned above, the world of OLYMPUS AIR will expand even more.

1) OA.Genius captures 6 different patterns of photos in a single shot

This app applies the optimal framing, color, brightness, effect, and combination for a subject automatically, and generates 6 patterns of photos with a single shot. If you add a shot to favorites from the 6 generated photos, you can shoot at the same settings the next time you launch OA.Genius.

2) OA.ArtFilter creates impressive photos

This app lets you use the popular Art Filter function available on Olympus digital cameras.
You can combine 14 Art Filter options and 9 Art Effects.

3) OA.ColorCreator produces new expressions with color brightness changes

This app gives you the freedom of fine-tuned control over color, saturation, and brightness.
Color productions that are difficult to imagine are easy to control as you like using the Color Ring and Tone Curve interface.

4) OA.PhotoStory captures everyday scenes from multiple viewpoints

This app lets you use the popular Photo Story function available on Olympus digital cameras. Photo Story creates opportunities for new expressions, with the ability to combine multiple viewpoints to a single scene.
Everyday scenes and memorable scenes can be recorded in various ways.

5) OA.ModeDial brings out the value of an interchangeable lens with interchangeable lens camera controls

This app provides the entire control scheme of an interchangeable lens camera on a smartphone. With this app you can freely adjust the shutter speed and aperture for a wide range of photographic expressions. You can also attach the OLYMPUS AIR to a tripod and use the smartphone as a remote controller for operating the camera from a distance.

6) OA.Clips to enjoy shooting and editing short movies

This app lets you make short movie clips using intuitive smartphone controls.
Multiple short movies can be linked, and effects and background music can be added to create a single movie.

7) OA.Viewer to view and edit recorded images on a smartphone

This app lets you view and edit images saved to the micro SD card on a smartphone.
In addition to editing functions such as changing the aspect ratio and trimming, you can add background music saved on the smartphone to slideshows.

8) OA.Central as the base app for using the OLYMPUS AIR

This is the base app for connecting the OYMPUS AIR to a smartphone.
In addition to supporting connection preparations, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings, it guides you to the app store to download apps 1 to 7 above.

2. Interchangeable lens camera image quality of the Micro Four Thirds standard, and the wide-angle, telephoto, and macro shooting with interchangeable lenses

A camera's image quality is determined by three components: the lens, image sensor, and image processor. By using a Micro Four Thirds mount on the OLYMPUS AIR, the high-performance M.Zuiko digital lens lineup developed for the OM-D and PEN Compact System Cameras can be used to its full extent with this camera. This camera is also equipped with the same 16 megapixel Live MOS image sensor and TruePicVII image processor as the latest OM-D and PEN models. The image sensor provides rich gradation reproduction and excellent high-sensitivity shooting performance even in low-light scenes, and the image processor maximizes the imaging performance of the lens. These elements combine to provide SLR top-class image quality in any situation. This model also employs the FAST AF system for high-speed, high-precision autofocusing. Simply touch the location on the smartphone screen that you want to focus on for instantaneous focusing and shutter activation that removes all the stress from camera controls.

3. Body weight of 147g*2. The combination with a smartphone provides a high degree of flexibility in shooting styles

This compact, lightweight body can be taken anywhere, and the symmetrical design makes it easy to shoot with either the right or left hand. The design gives you complete freedom of shooting angles, from normal smartphone shooting, to high and low angles, selfies, night scene shooting, remote shooting, and shots that were difficult on conventional cameras. A tablet can be used for precise framing and exposure control during macro shooting that can be difficult with the viewfinder or rear monitor of the camera. These various features make the OLYMPUS AIR a new style of camera that is fun to take along with and to shoot with.

4. Easy initial settings with the guide function. High-speed start-up is possible by just launching an app for shooting.

The OLYMPUS AIR and smartphone, which is used as a controller, communicate via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Annoying initial settings are accomplished in 4 easy steps by following the guide, and complicated Wi-Fi authentication is as simple as scanning the QR code on the rear of the camera body for easy connection. Once the initial settings are adjusted, simply launch an app to automatically turn the OLYMPUS AIR on and quickly enter shooting mode. OA.Central establishes a connection with all apps using the app link function so you don't have to worry about difficult connection settings. Even with the camera in your bag, you can launch the OA.Viewer app on your smartphone to view and edit photos.

Other Features

  • 1/16000 ultra high-speed shutter for capturing fast-moving subjects, max. 10 fps high-speed sequential shooting
  • Max. 3x digital zoom and digital tele-converter