Olympus opens new Image Space venue in City of London

Olympus teams up with Rockarchive Galleries

In its latest camera promotion initiative Olympus UK has collaborated with RockArchive Galleries to jointly host the latest Olympus Image Space attraction. Located at 199 Bishopsgate in the City of London, the venue will see Rockarchive photographs for sale displayed side by side with Olympus cameras which can be handled by visitors and demonstrated.

This evening the launch of the latest Olympus Image Space attraction was celebrated with a showing of "Who Shot Rock and Roll", a short documentary about how photography and music came together to create some of the most enduring images in the history of rock. The documentary was put together by Gail Buckland and the Brooklyn Museum of Art and Buckland was present at this evening's event, alongside Jill Furmanovsky, founder of Rockarchive.

The venue will also be used for selected Olympus events yet to be revealed. Members of the public can visit the gallery via the entrance on Primrose Street. It's expected Olympus will run its Image Space showcase there for six months.

Here are some shots from this evening's launch party:

(Above) Jill Furmanovsky (left) with Gail Buckland (right)

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