Adobe Labs releases beta of Adobe Camera RAW 8 with OM-D E-M10 support

Still waiting for a LIghtroom update though

Adobe Labs has revealed that a late beta or Release Candidate of the latest version of Adobe Camera RAW is now available for public testing. The good news for Olympus fans is that it includes RAW file support for the new OM-D E-M10. We have a large collection of RAW files taken with a pre-production E-M10 that you can download.

There is no news yet of a similar announcement concerning Lightroom 5. The new version of Adobe Camera RAW adds OMD-E-M10 raw file compatibility for Photoshop CS6 and the Creative Cloud (CC) version of Photoshop, but new feature functionality (basically some new image correction options we have already see in Lightroom 5) is only available in Photoshop CC.

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