Olympus Corp. no longer on Tokyo Stock Exchange alert list

June 10, 2013

News Release

Company: Olympus Corporation

Representative Director, President: Hiroyuki Sasa

(Code: 7733, First Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange)

Contact: Tetsuo Hyakutake, General Manager, Public Relations and IR Office

Notice Concerning Cancellation of Designation of Olympus Corporation’s Shares as Securities on Alert

Olympus Corporation (the “Company”) hereby announces that it received today a communication, as detailed below, from Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (“TSE”) stating the cancellation of the designation of the Company’s shares as “securities on alert” as of June 11, 2013.

TSE designated in accordance with its regulations the Company’s shares as “securities on alert” as of January 21, 2012 because the Company was deemed to be an entity that had a substantial need for improvements in its internal control system, etc. in related to past activities regarding deferral in posting of losses.

Since then, the Company has worked on restructuring the internal control system on a group-wide basis and promoted drastic reforms to restore trust. As a result of the examination in response to the submission of a written affirmation on the internal control system, as set forth in the Securities Listing Regulations, on January 21, 2013, a year after the said designation, the Company received today a communication from TSE stating that it would cancel the designation of the Company’s shares as “securities on alert” as of June 11, 2013 because TSE had found no problem in the internal control system of the Company.

We will keep developing and reinforcing our internal control system as well as striving in a group-wide effort to improve our business performance and restore trust in order to enhance management and to live up to the expectations of our shareholders, investors, business partners, customers and other relevant parties, to whom we have caused inconvenience due to the designation of the Company’s shares as “securities on alert”. Please give us your continued support.