Four Thirds User Knowledge Base Wiki passes 200 pages

Our new Wiki has powered past 200 pages but you can still help


Being a Wiki, the Four Thirds User Knowledge Base can be edited and updated by you

Our relaunched project to build a unique repository if knowledge concerning Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds cameras, lenses and accessories, and how to use them, has today moved past 200 content pages. The aim is to make the FTU Knowledge Base Wiki the number one resource on the Internet for Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds knowledge.

Back at the beginning of February we decided to build a new Four Thirds User Knowledge Base Wiki. We had previously attempted to do this but because of our inexperience in this area the Mark 1 wiki didn't really get off the ground and eventually became overrun by spammers.

So we transferred the good content from the old wiki to a brand new installation and we have been building the wiki since then. As I write we now have 202 pages of information, several times more than the old wiki. A small band of FTU friends have helped us to edit and add new pages but I am hoping that many more of you will enjoy the prospect of joining in as well.

There is plenty of work to do; a good number of lens information pages have been created but we need to tackle camera models as well. Many pages can be expanded and illustrations added.

We seem to have the right configuration of our Mediawiki installation (the same system used by Wikipedia) to keep spammers at bay and we are confident enough to allow anonymous editing 24 hours - although we do encourage people to register an account.

If you haven't looked at the Knowledge base recently - why not have a look now? See:

And I hope you will consider helping us to add even more information!

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