Suggestions for Panasonic? Let's hear them!

Do you have suggestions for improving Panasonic's cameras? Let us know and we will pass your suggestions on to Panasonic's top brass


Just recently there was a FTU forum thread discussing the point that the new Lumix GX1 doesn't have an option to switch the LCD display off. The only way this can be achieved is by using the optional electronic viewfinder. It's odd because the GX1's predecessor, the GF1, did have an option to switch the screen off. We contacted Panasonic's product planners in Japan and, unsurprisingly, they were very interested to hear about our opinions on this matter. Panasonic is always asking us to for our opinions and ideas so that they can improve their designs in the future. Although not promising anything, we were told that they will see what can be done concerning the LCD display on/off option for the GX1 via a future firmware update.

Fundamentally, Panasonic's customers are a vital source of valuable information with which Panasonic can produce better and better designs. They welcome your feedback. So let's do something about it. I will be meeting some influential Panasonic personnel from Japan in a few weeks time. I would like to bring with me a document filled with your suggestions for tweaking existing camera models, fixing bugs, and for requests to add features to future models.

You can do this in two ways. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please email me via, or you can post your thoughts in the forum thread that is linked to this article (see below).

Olympus fans, don't feel left out; we'll do a similar exercise for you later this year.

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