Four Thirds User hands-on coverage of a production sample OM-D E-M5 coming up

Lots of updates generated by our production E-M5 coming up this week

Our production sample E-M5 arrived last Friday and I have been working with the camera all weekend. I have already published a short article and video that compares the rolling shutter video wobble effect of the E-M5 and a Pen E-P3. This will be updated with a more precise comparison, exploring the possible effect if image stabilisation and adding the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 into the test.

We have also produced completely new base and high ISO samples, not just for the E-M5 but comparing back to back with the Pen E-P3, Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 and a Sony Alpha 55 SLT.

I have also started compiling a portfolio photographs taken with the E-M5 in daylight, at night time, portraits and landscapes and with a variety of lenses, including m.Zuiko and Four Thirds Zuiko Digital glass.

I am already discovering nuggets of information about the E-M5. For example, the new tone curve adjustment feature, for example - this does not alter the exposure like Auto Gradation mode does, for example. High speed 9fps continuous shooting benefits markedly from the use of UHS-1 specification SD cards, although not all UHS-1 cards are as fast as others. We have an inkling that Four Thirds lenses do indeed focus faster in the E-M5 despite official Olympus information that led us to believe no improvement should be expected.

There is lots more to come - so watch this space!