Olympus OM-D E-M5 exclusive hands-on video and photos

Unofficial E-M5 product shots and a video showing how the HLD-6 grip fits

Below we have a gallery of images of a silver Olympus OM-D, some posed with some other Olympus cameras, and we have a short video clip showing the two-part HLD-6 grip and battery module.

These pictures were not taken by us in-house, so apologies for the slighltly ropey image quality. Physical examples of the E-M5 are extremely rare and we had to improvise when a short window if opportunity arose to get some hands-on time with the E-M5. Hopefully these shots will help you gauge the size of the E-M5 compared to various other cameras, including some Pens, an original Olympus OM-4, and an E-5.

First the video, with the photo gallery below it:

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