InfoTrends US survey: are you interested in Micro Four Thirds?


If you are in the US and interested in Micro Four Thirds, the highly-respected InfoTrends market intelligence company would like to hear from you

Panasonic GF3

Are you reside in the US and are an owner of, or thinking of buying, a Micro Four Thirds compact system camera like this Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3 (above) or an Olympus Pen E-P3 (pictured below). If the answer is yes, InfoTrends would like to hear from you and you could be rewarded for your response.

InfoTrends, a leading market research and consultancy firm, is conducting a survey on the subject of digital interchangeable cameras to better understand their use of technology and future requirements.

If you own or if you are interested in purchasing a Micro Four Thirds camera, here is your opportunity to have your voice heard by leading digital camera manufacturers. Your input will be used by leading digital camera and accessory manufacturers to influence the features and products that they offer in the coming months and years.

Olympus E-P3

Olympus is the other Micro Four Thirds compact system camera manufacturer besides Panasonic Lumix.

This survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability. Your individual answers will be kept completely confidential and your personal information will NOT be revealed.

To thank you for your help with this important study, a $10 gift certificate will be sent to the first 100 qualified micro four thirds camera owners who complete the survey, and all respondents will be entered into a drawing for $500.

To complete the survey and be entered into the drawing, simply click the link below, or copy the URL into your browser:

We encourage you to respond quickly as this invitation will be available only until a predetermined number of responses have been received. Thank you in advance for your time and invaluable insights.

Thank you in advance for helping improve the products that future consumers will receive.