Olympus updates Viewer 2

Version 1.11 accommodates the new E-PL2

Olympus has, without fanfare, released version 1.11 of its Viewer 2 RAW conversion software. The version number increment is only from 1.10 to 1.11, and primarily surrounds the newly released Pen E-PL2, although there are some minor additional features and some bug fixes. Details can be found in the changelog below. Interestingly, the v.1.11 released date is stated as November, although it was only actually released this month.

Ver. 1.01 April 15, 2010
* New product

Ver. 1.10 July 15, 2010
* Support for "E-5"

Ver. 1.11 November 21, 2010
* Support for "E-PL2"
* Added functions to copy and paste edit settings in "Image Edit" window.
* Added History list to the Navigation Area.
* Added Art Effect function to Art Filter options in "RAW Development" and "Image Edit" windows.
* Fixed the problem where the application might not start in a system with a CPU that does not support "SSE2".
* Fixed the problem where the application might crash when developing multiple images in "RAW Development" window.
* Improved the function to adjust Time Differences in "Edit Shooting Date All" dialog.