More E-5 image samples

More E-5 samples for you, including Noise Filter on/off comparisons and a RAW file

It's ironic that when I was originally asked if I could test the continuous AF mode on the E-5 that I replied to the effect that I didn't have any birds of prey flying around for the purpose. Well, the Photokina show is full of surprises and this year (as in the past, I now recall) there is a demonstration of various birds of prey from tiny owls to rather large eagles arranged by one of the exhibitors promoting spotting scopes. Naturally, this facility was enthusiastically received by the show visitors, and of course - me!

Eagle photographed using an Olympus E-5, fitted with Zuiko Digital 12-60mm SWD lens, @40mm, f/5.6, ISO 400, 1/3200th sec. Continuous AF and shooting modes, with all 11 AF points active, were used, and noise filtering was switched off. This is quite a severe crop; see the full image below:

The original un-cropped view. This is a re-sized version of the original camera JPEG, which was recorded in Adobe RGB colour space and converted to sRGB for web viewing.

For all you RAW file hackers, here is a link to an E-5 RAW file. Olympus Studio 2 and Master 2 will display the file, but the profiling of the RAW file is not guaranteed to be perfect, but by all means experiment! Please note that the images supplied here are copyrighted and are only provided for your personal, non-commercial evaluation. Please link to this page rather than individual images if you are posting about these samples on other sites.

And here are some rather more interesting, overall, JPEG samples taken with the E-5 and 12-60 compared to those published the other day. Please note, this time the camera was set to Adobe RGB. There will be a colour shift if you choose to view these samples in a browser that is not colour managed. I recommend you download them and view inside a decent image editor, like Photoshop, etc.


To view or download the full size original camera JPEG image, click on its associated thumbnail from the gallery view below:

Image 1: Noise filter: Standard