E-5 sample images from Photokina

A hastily assembled set of samples from a production-spec. E-5


Olympus has production specification (version 1.0 firmware) E-5 bodies available for use at Photokina and I duly grabbed one to take a quick set of test samples, and you can inspect the gallery of images I produced below.

Because of my schedule at the show I only had about half an hour, and that included taking some samples with a Pen E-P2 and the new 40-150mm m.Zuiko kit zoom, so conditions weren't ideal. Some of the shots were taken deliberately in very dark conditions so shutter speeds were very slow. I noticed that some of the samples were slightly blurred but as the intention was primarily to show noise grain characteristics, I hope you will forgive the imperfections of some of these images.

Please note that noies filtering was switched off for all the JPEG shots provided. This means any noise present is basically unmanaged, but detail will be maximised. For proper evaluation you may want to consider running these samples through some form of noise management. All the samples were shot using a ZD 12-60mm SWD zoom lens.

I'm picking up my own evaluation sample later during the show and will be publishing a more carefully photographed samples gallery after a trip to the Far East next week.

To view or download the full size original camera JPEG image, click on its associated thumbnail from the gallery view below:

Image 1: