Clarification of Olympus Viewer 2 software announcement

Master 2 and Studio 2 to be discontinued

The announcement of Olympus Viewer 2 last week left some unanswered questions; does Viewer 2 replace Master 2 and the commercial advanced version that is Studio 2? Is Viewer 2 free? Are Studio 2's advanced features like camera control included in Viewer 2?

Toshi Terada, Olympus head of DSLR product planning (interviewed here recently) has informed Four Thirds User that Viewer 2 does replace Master 2 and Studio 2. However, although Viewer 2 promises to be an improvement in terms of user interface and hopefully speed of operation, and introduces some minor new features, and it will be a free application, Viewer 2 will not include camera control. Until we get to try the software for ourselves, it's not yet clear to us whether the RAW processing capabilities of Viewer 2 will include batch processing and advanced image adjustment tools.

At this stage, Viewer 2 does look more like an enhanced evolution of Master 2 rather than a bells and whistles Studio 2 replacement. This begs the question, if Studio 2 is being discontinued, will there be a 'professional' version of Viewer 2, with camera control and other advanced features, in the future?