Adobe Camera RAW 6 lens correction profiling revealed

DIY lens profiling means support for Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds lenses should arrive swiftly

Adobe has released a video that overviews the lens correction features in Adobe Camera RAW 6 for Photoshop CS5. Much of the technology will also be integrated into Lightroom 3. The video shows how it's easy to automatically correct images that were taken with lenses that have been profiled, or manually correct images by site. Corrections include geometric distortion, vignetting (darkening in the corners of the frame), and chromatic aberrations (fringeing).

Predictably, Adobe has prepared a number of profiles for Canon and Nikon lenses only, but the great news for everyone else is that Adobe will be distributing test chart image files for users to print out and create profiles for any of their own lenses. It's not hard to see a time when hundreds, or even thousands, of do-it-yourself profiles will be posted on the Web that cover almost every lens imaginable, including Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds lenses.

The above video is high quality and best viewed in full-screen mode at 720P HD resolution.

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