Panasonic Lumix G2 touch screen quick demo

A better look at the G2's touch screen in action

My Panasonic Lumix G2 and G10 preview article from Monday last Sunday included a short video clip showing the G2's touch-screen in action, but it was very much a simple grab video. Yesterday, at the Focus on Imaging Show, I had more time to show the touch screen working, and here is the clip:

The screen is not an iPod Touch or iPhone style capacitive type, but a conventional touch screen that will also work with a fingernail, or a stylus. The G2 will have a stylus in its box when the camera ships in around June. Mult-touch is not supported. The advantage of capicitive touch is that it's very consistent and reliable with finger operation. Unfortunately, it won't work with an ordinary stylus of other convenient pointer like the end of a pen.

I like the touch screen a lot, but I think there are some minor issues that need ironing out. The main one is that the screen can blank annoyingly because the electronic viewfinder has a face-sensor that switches off the screen in preference to the EVF when it thinks you are putting the camera to your eye. Instead, it thinks your hand is a face and the screen goes dark for a moment. It may be that Panasonic will have to prioritise the touch screen when it's being used.

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