Panasonic alters 14mm pancake design

One third stop increase in maximum aperture in response to feedback

Panasonic Lumix has changed the proposed specification for its forthcoming Micro Four Thirds 14mm pancake lens. The lens was shown to selected journalists in mock-up form, along with the 100-300 tele zoom, and 8mm fisheye, at a secret pre-launch event to introduce the new G2 and G10 cameras in Munich, Germany, back in mid-February.

In Munich the 14mm pancake was labelled an f/2.8 lens, but at the public launch of the G2 and G10 last week, at the start of the Focus on Imaging show in Birminghma, UK, the lens was shown with a revised specification of f/2.5, one third of a stop brighter than f/2.8.

Enquiries with Panasonic revealed that in response to feedback during the preview in Munich, engineers decided that the maximum aperture needed to be brighter than f/2.8, hence the alteration to f/2.5. It's not yet known when the 14mm pancake, or the fisheye or tele zoom lenses will go on sale.

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