Nissin announces Nissin Di466 (For Four Thirds 4/3 Cameras)

Nissin Di466 (For Four Thirds 4/3 Cameras)

February 21, 2010 - The Nissin group is pleased to announce a new generation of Di466 model at PMA 2010.

Nissin group and our products are always on the cutting edge of design, technology and innovation. This new Di466 is designed for Fourth Thirds system SLR cameras with a classic chic look and high performances. This is the best choice for fashion-conscious photographers.

Di466 (For Four Thirds 4/3) KEY FEATURES
Nissin original “MY TTL” Setting
The TTL flash power level is pre-set for reasonable exposure at factory. You can, however, reset the power at the desired exposure level, in +-3/4Ev. by 1/4Ev increments. The preset value is memorized as your personal standard after switching the unit off. The usual TTL flash level compensation works based on this customized level.
TTL Flash Level Compensation
The power of the flash can be controlled with TTL flash level compensation.
Whereas total exposure is controlled by the camera's EV compensation function, the flash can compensate for the exposure on the main subject only, with little impact on the exposure of the background scene.
The flash power level can be adjusted from -1.5EV through +1.5EV by 0.5EV steps.
Dual Program Remote Flash (Slave mode)
Wireless remote flash system of Di466 works for either analogue (single flash) and digital (pre-flash) flash syste with 6 steps power level available.
Battery Magazine Quick Loading System
2 sec. loading by Nissin original battery magazine

Power zoom of 24-105mm
Manual power ratio of 6 levels
Fast recycling time of 4 sec.
Bounce lighting of 90 degree upward
AF asstist light
Auto shut off energy saving system
Wide angle diffuser built in
Catch light panel built in