E-620 and E-450 added to DxOMark RAW file database

More E-System test data from DxO

Nicolas Touchard from DxO Labs has been in touch to let us knoiw that they have added their test results for RAW file performance from the Olympus E-620 and E-450 DSLRs, Olympus two most recent DSLR models:

We have two new test results released this week for the Olympus E450 and E620. These cameras have been on the market for some time and we wanted to publish their results to complete the four-thirds category on

It should come as no surprise that both perform very similarly to most cameras with the same sensor format.

The E-450 and E-620 do, indeed, compare very closely, despite the 2 megapixel difference between the two cameras. The E-450 is also rated identically to the E-420, but in reality the E-450 does not suffer from high ISO banding, a definite issue with the E-420.

I also noticed that the Pen E-P2 is now on DxOMark, too. It's generally regarded that the E-P1 and E-P2 have around a stop of additional headroom in high ISO performance than earlier Four Thirds cameras, but DxOMark results don't reflect this. DxOMark only evaluate RAW files, but I feel that I do see better performance in E-P1 and E-P2 RAW files, so this is a bit of a mystery.

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