Olympus E-P1 version 1.2 firmware update

Minor firmware update for the E-P1

Olympus has released a minor firmware update for the Pen E-P1 Micro Four Thirds camera. This brings the firmware version number to 1.2. Only two things are listed as new with the update.

The first is a limit to the time that the magnified view, triggered when moving the focus ring in manual focus mode, remains active for. This is already enabled in the Pen E-P2. It avoids being stuck in the magnified view when you really want to see the full frame again.

Secondly, the REC VIEW (reviewing the picture you have just taken) function has been enabled even if the screen back light has been turned off. Again, this mirrors the way the E-P2 works, although the function enabling the back light to be turned off on the E-P2 only works if the electronic viewfinder is not fitted.

To update the firmware on you E-P1, as with any E-System camera or Zuiko Digital lens, you need to connect your camera to your computer using the USB cable, be connected to the internet via broadband, and use Olympus Master (supplied with the camera) or Olympus Studio (enhanced version of Master). A freshly charged battery in the camera is highly-recommended.