Olympus Micro Four Thirds lens roadmap

Eight m.Zuiko lenses by spring 2011

At the official launch of the new Pen E-P2 earlier this month, Olympus also released its latest lens roadmap for Micro Four Thirds. Besides confirming the announcement of a spring 2010 release for the 14-150mm superzoom, and a Micro Four Thirds version of the 9-18mm super wide angle zoom which has been so successful in Four Thirds form, Olympus has revealed sketchy details about several new lenses planned for the spring of 2011.

They include a super telephoto, perhaps in the 80-250 or 70-300 range, a macro lens in the area of 50mm, and 8mm fisheye, and a wide angle lens - apparently not a zoom - in the area of 12mm focal length.

By the spring of 2011, Olympus' tally of Micro Four Thirds lenses (branded m.Zuiko) should have reached 8 models in all. Here is the official roadmap graphic from Olympus:

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