Olympus Borrow a Pen promotion in the UK

Olympus UK really means try before you buy for the Pen E-P1

Olympus UK has started a promotion where participating dealers will be able to loan their customers a Pen E-P1 camera for the day so they can evaluate it thoroughly.

The idea is that you get in touch with one of the dealers listed below, select an available package (zoom kit with the 14-42 lens or pancake kit with the 17mm pancake and VF-1 finder) and book your loan. You will probably be asked to prove who your are or leave some kind of deposit for security.

Dealer E-P1 kit
Calumet - Edinburgh Zoom Kit
  Pancake kit
Calumet - London Zoom kit
  Zoom kit
  Pancake kit
Calumet - Belfast Zoom kit
Cambrian Photography Zoom kit
CameraWorld - Chelmsford Zoom kit
Cecil Jacobs - Cardiff Zoom kit
Chris Goodhead Photographic Zoom kit
Ffordes Photographic Zoom kit
Wilkinson Cameras Zoom kit
  Pancake kit
Harrison Cameras Zoom kit
J & A Cameras Zoom kit
LCE - Leamington Spa Zoom Kit
  Pancake kit
LCE - Manchester Zoom Kit
  Pancake kit
LCE - Norwich Zoom kit
  Pancake kit
LCE - Southampton High St Zoom kit
  Pancake kit
LCE - The Strand Zoom kit
  Pancake kit
LCE - Taunton Zoom Kit
Park Cameras Zoom kit
  Pancake kit
SRS Microsystem Zoom kit
  Pancake kit
Youngs of Leicester Zoom kit
Conns Cameras Zoom kit