Novoflex enlarges its MicroFourThirds programme

New adapters for Olympus Pen and Panasonic G1 resp. GH1

Following Panasonic, who launched the first MicroFourThirdscamera by the end of last year, Olympus is now presenting their first system camera of this class on the market. For many consumers the compactness of the MicroFour cameras is a good reason to switch over to another brand. However, the question arises: „What shall we do with existing lenses?“ Novoflex has found a remedy. The specialist for innovative photo equipment has enlarged its assortment by MicroFourThirds adapters, by means of which most of the existing lenses can be used easily with cameras of the new MicroFourThirds standard.

As one of the first producers of photo equipment the Memmingen enterprise Novoflex presents a series of adapters on the market, by means of which lenses of the most important and well-known brands can be adapted to cameras with the new MicroFourThirds standard. Thus, a customer buying a MicroFourThirds camera can still utilise his high-quality lenses, saving a lot of money.

Another essential aspect: Lenses for digital cameras that could not be used until now, can be activated with the Novoflex MFTadapters. These brands are: Canon FD, Contax/Yashica, Leica-M, Leica-R, Minolta MD, M42, Nikon, Olympus OM, Pentax K and T2.

The adapters are manufactured on the basis of highest quality standards and deserve the title „Made in Germany“. They provide a high precise correction of the flange focal length difference and enable focussing to infinity. Moreover, the adapters for Minolta AF/Sony, Nikon and Pentax K dispose of an own aperture ring, with which lenses without own aperture ring can be stopped down manually.

For the time being Novoflex MicroFourThirds-adapters are available for the following lenses: Canon FD (order code: MFT/CAN), Contax/Yashica (MFT/CONT), Leica-M (MFT/LEM), Leica-R (MFT/ LER), Minolta AF/Sony (MFT/MIN-AF), Minolta MD (MFT/MINMD), M42 (MFT/CO), Nikon (MFT/NIK), Olympus OM (MFT/OM), Pentax K (MFT/PENT) and T2 (MFT/T2). They are available from now on at a price of 119.00 Euro to 149.00 respectively 169.00 Euro according to the model (recommended retail price).

In addition to the MFT-adapters Novoflex offers a vast selection of adapters for nearly every lens-/camera combination. A visit on the website is a real revelation for every amateur or professional photographer.

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