Four Thirds User introduces blog facility

FTU forum members can now publish their own blogs and editor, Ian Burley, starts daily hints and tips blog

The Four Thirds User discussion forum now has an alternative medium for making your voice heard. You can now publish your own blog. It's an extension of the discussion forum and as long as you are already a registered forum and gallery member (it's completely free), you can start blogging immediately.

Blogging as an alternative to the forum

If you have something to say, as a matter of record, a blog is often a better way to present it than a forum. A forum is a place to chat, to discuss. You are one of many, communicating in a crowd. A blog, on the other hand, means you are the focus of the communication; you lead with your choice of topic.

The FTU forum has frequently been used in blog-like fashion by some of our most valued forum members, so the new blog facility should be a great home for their collective wisdom in the future.

Daily hints and tips blog

I'm putting my money where my mouth is and starting a daily hints and tips blog aimed precisely at Olympus and Panasonic Four Thirds (and Micro Four Thirds) camera users. I've posted the first update today and will be adding entries each week day from now on.

Check out the new blog facility now.