Olympus Pen EP-1 sample images to download

Over 60 Olympus Pen E-P1 image samples for you to download

UPDATE RAW files now available, see link under each thumbnail

UPDATE Expanded shooting information added to thumbnails below.

The night before we were let loose with E-P1s in Berlin yesterday, some poor Olympus staff had the job of upgrading the firmware of over 300 cameras - to version 1.00. So there were no restrictions imposed on the publication of our E-P1 shots. I've selected over sixty images for you to download. We were blessed, despite the weather forecast for rain, with excellent bright and sunny conditions. Seasoned photographers will know that bright sunny days are actually quite challenging for cameras, so the E-P1 was faced with a tough test.

A 1950s/60s retro theme was the order of the day

Besides general pictures taken with the 17mm pancake and 14-42mm standard zoom, I was able to use an Olympus Zuiko Digital 12-60mm SWD Four Thirds lens using an mount adapter, as well as a Zuiko Digital 8mm fisheye. There are also comparison shoots throughout the ISO range, including some extra shots taken using the new extra-high ISO 6400 setting.

Focal length anomaly

In some shots the exif data erroneously reports a focal length of 16682mm. It looks like this is when the 14-42 standard zoom was set to 42mm. The lens firmware was 1.00, which is release level, so this may be a bug that has yet to be fixed. The problem wasn't restricted to one example of this lens.

RAW files

UPDATEI have now added the matching RAW files for you to download. 'Official' RAW processors compatible with the E-P1 are not yet available at the time of writing. Olympus Master and Olympus Studio will open E-P1 RAW files, but they generate a spurious error message and are displayed with odd aliasing artefacts. Some third party RAW tools may work to a degree, but it's best to wait for products with officially released support.

Noise filter

The first 13 images (not 15 as previously stated) were shot with the JPEG noise filter set to Standard, but all the subsequent images were taken with the noise filter switched off. So images 14 and onwards will show maximum resolution in JPEG format, though more noise.

Shooting mode

Unless otherwise indicated under each thumbnail below, aperture priority mode was used, though some shots were taken with iAuto mode. Pictures taken in Program mode are either Art Filter mode shots, or the final frame of a movie clip recording.

Do post your reactions to these samples and I'll do my best to answer your questions, too.

Use of these images

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Image 1: Lens 12-60 SWD, FL-50R flash with diffuser.