Olympus Micro Four Thirds build up - the history files

Download and read six articles that chronicle the 90 years of Olympus cameras

2009 is a double anniversary for Olympus. It's the company's 90th year and it has been 50 years since the introduction of the world-beating Olympus Pen series of half frame cameras, which included the Pen-F family of half frame single lens reflex system cameras and lenses. On the left is the first Olympus camera, the Semi, from 1936.

Olympus will celebrate these milestones with the launch of its new Micro Four Thirds digital camera system next week. To mark this, Olympus has produced six short articles that look back at the highlights of the company's history, starting back in 1919 when the company's founder, Takeshi Yamashita, produced the first Olympus microscope. Medical, scientific and camera imaging remain at the heart of Olympus to this day.

You can open or download each installment of the Olympus Gazette by clicking on each link below. The documents are Adobe Acrobat PDFs, so you will need Adobe Reader or similar:

We will be in Berlin next week to witness the launch of the new Olympus Micro Four Thirds system, so watch out for full and comprehensive coverage.

Clever and innovative design resulted in the Olympus Pen F SLR in 1963

If you are interested in the forthcoming Olympus Micro Four Thirds product range, and have not yet registered your interest, do go here to ensure you receive details direct from Olympus. UK residents who register will also have a chance to be among the first to touch and try the new kit at an exclusive VIP event in London a few days after the world launch.

If that's not enough, the Olympus Asia website has some fun video clips to get you in the mood!

So what can we expect from Olympus and Micro Four Thirds?

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