E-3 v.1.4 firmware to improve AF further

E-3 firmware gets tweaked further

Olympus has made yet more changes to the E-3's autofocus via a new firmware update, released today.

Barely two months since firmware update v.1.3 was released, Olympus has felt the need to issue v.1.4. In v.1.3 improvement in focus action with bright lenses (f/2.0 and faster) was the goal. This time, there is no specific description of the improvements promised in v.1.4.

As usual, to update your firmware, you need to run either Olympus Maser 2 software (free and supplied with the camera, or you can download from Olympus' website), or the premium commercial Olympus Studio 2 package. Assuming you have a freshly charged battery in the camera and a broadband Internet connection, connect your camea via USB, select the software update option from the menu and follow the instructions!

To follow the firmware update change log for the E-3, visit the Olympus Japan E-3 firmware web page.

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