E-30 firmware update v.1.1

Minor fixes for E-30 users in v.1.1 firmware update

Olympus has announced the availability of the first firmware update for the E-30 DSLR since its launch at the end of last year. There don't appear to be any major problems to fix. Here is the information on the update published by Olympus:

- Reduced the sound of Image stabilizer operations when IMAGER AF and HYBRID AF are being used.

- Resolved the issue where pressing the delete button in Close-up playback occasionally caused the Card access lamp to blink.

- Resolved the issue where images with a changed aspect ratio played back with Index display sometimes had horizontal stripes.

As usual, to update your firmware, you need to run either Olympus Maser 2 software (free and supplied with the camera, or you can download from Olympus' website), or the premium commercial Olympus Studio 2 package. Assuming you have a freshly charged battery in the camera and a broadband Internet connection, connect your camea via USB, select the software update option from the menu and follow the instructions!

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